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The Winter Tag

Hey guys! I haven’t done a tag on this blog at all, I don’t think. Winter is one of my favorite months so I had to do The Winter Tag as I find that tags are pretty good for other people to find new blogs when you tag another blogger.


The Rules

  1. Share 12 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 12 questions.
  3. Tag 12 Bloggers.

Random Facts About Myself

  1. I am 24 years old – born 22nd of August 1993.
  2. I have three pets – one Siberian Husky called Dante and two kittens called Sox and Luna.
  3. I used to ride horses for 12+ years.
  4. I am short sighted which means I cannot see things far away.
  5. I am from Dublin but currently living in Donegal, Ireland.
  6. I am the eldest in my family.
  7. I am terrified of spiders, feet and heights.
  8. I have been blogging nearly three years – will be 3 years in March.
  9. Christmas is my favourite time of the year.
  10. I have been with my boyfriend for 10 months this month.
  11. I have a mild form of Autism called Aspergers, Dysraxia and ADD.
  12. I love writing – always used to write as a kid and Mum couldn’t give me lines as a punishment as I loved it way too much.

The Questions

What are your favourite things about Winter?

I have a lot of favourite things about Winter but I love just chilling inside, watching movies with a big hot chocolate. I also love Christmas with the fact that it brings families together that you haven’t seen in a while and you know you will have fun, since it’s Christmas.

What is your favourite Winter outfit?

This is a hard one as I have so many. I love wearing skinny jeans, boots, a hoodie and a beanie. I can’t forget about my Superdry Jacket that I got last Christmas as it’s a life saver when it’s cold out.

What is your favourite Winter Food?

I don’t actually have a favourite Winter food unless hot chocolate counts as food? Which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

What is your favourite Winter Drink?

I think I answered this in the last question but I’ll go more specific. I love the Brownie Hot Chocolate that Starbucks does – I hope they’ll do this one again. Only bad thing is that there’s no Starbucks near me anymore.

What is your dream way to spend a Winters Day?

It would have to be snuggled up by a nice warm fire, with hot chocolate and watching a lot of movies on Netflix – what more could you ask for?

How do you like to do your makeup in the Winter?

I don’t think my makeup changes that much during the winter as Irish weather stay’s the same all year round. I may just use darker colours on my lips and on my eyes.

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

I am hoping to get a new phone but that will be more off my other half rather than Santa. We don’t do Santa here!

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

  • An open fire.
  • Hot Chocolate.
  • Christmas Movies.

What is your favourite Winter Song?

I honestly don’t have one. I like nearly all of the Christmas Songs that are regulars, so them?

What is your favourite Winter Memory?

It would have to be going down to the stables when it was snowing out, to let the horses out.  always can picture the horses galloping through the snow.

What is your favourite Winter Scent?

It would have to be anything that has cinnamon and apple spice in it – they are my two favourite scents to use during Winter without a doubt.

Finish this sentence… If I could have anything this Christmas, it would be…

Honestly I think I’m so lucky as I don’t think there’s anything that I really need other than money but that;s been greedy.


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Love, Bee ox



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12 More Blog Post Ideas

Hello lovelies! I am here with Part 2 of my Blog post idea’s post – you can check out post one here : 25 Blog Post Idea’s

Here are 12 More Blog Post Ideas for you. I know how many times I’ve gotten writers block and how these posts helped me brainstorm a number of different posts in a number of different ways. These are for you to use and to make the most off – no credit needed! I am going to focus on posts that suit the next few months rather than posts for the whole year.


  1. Favourite Christmas Songs : Make a playlist with some of you’re favourite songs to sing and dance too around Christmas time!
  2. Favourite Things About Winter : Everyone has a number of different things they love about Winter. You can add in things where you love and hate rather than favourite things.
  3. Winter Holiday Spots : If you love or have been away during winter, you should do a post on places where you would recommend going on Holiday during this season.
  4. Christmas Wish List : Everyone has a wish list of what they would want for Christmas and they make some good reading!
  5. 2018 Goals and Targets : 2018 is a brand new year so let people know what goals and targets you are setting yourself.
  6. A Year In Pictures : If you have had an eventful year full of memories, a year in pictures would be an amazing post so you can look back over the things you have done for the memories and laughs.
  7. Top Instagrammers : This is something that you could do all year round but you could do a specific winter theme for it.
  8. Netflix Picks : Netflix is such a popular thing and everyone is always looking for things to watch on Netflix.
  9. Questions and Answers : If you haven’t done a Q&A on your blog yet, you should do. Let your readers ask you a number of questions and they’ll get to know you better too.
  10. Christmas Gift Guides : These are something that your readers will love as people are always struggling to find things to buy for people… I know I am!
  11. 2017 All Time Favourites : This is like the monthly favourites but you can do a whole years worth of your top favourites.
  12. Movies Being Released In 2018 : This could get a whole new audience into your blog and everyone always wants to know about what movies are being released over the next year

Hopefully these have given you some ideas of new blog posts.

Love, Bee ox

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10 Reasons Why I Love Winter

Hey lovelies! Winter is one of my favourite seasons, it brings everyone closer and some amazing picture opportunities. This is the first part of my 10 Reasons Why I Love.. Series and we’re starting off with Winter as a season! I will be doing this for every season and a few other things. Everyone will have similar loves for the season but I do hope some of these are new things that you will learn about me.


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is all my all time favourite thing about Winter. Costa Coffee and Starbucks have some amazing hot chocolates during Winter and I love home made hot chocolate. Obviously needs to have cream and marshmallows in it – it’s not the same without it. I’ve also learned a different way to make hot chocolate at home but it’s amazing and nothing is better on a cold winters day.


I love beanies, espesically when it’s cold out. I am a hat collector and I wouldn’t go a day during Winter normally without wearing a beanie or hat. All time favourites include a pink and white one from Berska and anyone from Primark.


Dark Mornings

I hate the Summer when the mornings are bright as I find it so hard to sleep when it’s bright out so the dark mornings are a welcomed thing for me during Winter. It’s also amazing to be up and see the sun rising during the Winter if the weather allows you.

Cuddles and Snuggles

I love these all year round, obviously! Winter just makes it easier to snuggle and cuddle up to the one that means the most when you’re watching a movie or even just chilling. It’s also a great way to heat up when you’re cold.

Open Fire

I have only been introduced to an open fire since I moved up to Donegal but this is something that I don’t know if I could live without now as it’s just nice to sit by it and watch movies. It’s also a cheap way to heat up a few rooms in your house without spending a lot on heating – something I learnt when I moved out as heating costs a lot.


Ice Skating

This is something that I love doing when it comes up to Christmas. It’s really one of my favourite Winters activity which I do every year – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it this year but life goes on. If you haven’t been ice skating, you really need too!


Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Winter just makes you feel all giddy and happy inside as you know Christmas is coming. Christmas is the whole reason why I love Winter, not because of the presents, just spending time with your loved ones and having the fun for a day or two.

No Bugs

Bugs are something that I hate during Summer as I always end to get bitten. I also hate and am afraid of wasps, and bees and they all tend to go away during Winter which is an amazing sign.


The atmosphere during the first two months on the run up to Christmas in shops and pubs is just incredible. Most people seem to be in the jolly, cheerful mood which makes everything feel better and gives you hope. People always tend to give back during Winter to whether it’s to the homeless or charities.


Snow is the last thing on my list all because we don’t get enough of it in Ireland but I do hope this year brings some. Even though snow brings the whole country to a stand still, it’s still amazing to look out the window to see everything white. I also have a Husky Puppy this year which will make my year, if I could let him out in the snow!

Do you have any favourite things about Winter? or least favourite things? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Bee ox