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Things To Do In Manchester

Hello lovelies! I’m back with another series which I love doing. I love travelling and going to new places – I have a massive bucket list! These are the Things To Do In Manchester in my opinion – there are a lot of different things you can do too! Manchester is one of the places that I really want to visit in the next two years as it’s not far away.


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Things To Do In Donegal

Hello lovelies! I moved to Donegal in May 2017 and I never realized how much stuff you can do up here – it seems to be the County that everyone has forgotten about. To Start of a new series on my blog which is called Things To Do In… I am starting off in the lovely County of Donegal. I will be including everything that families can do and you could do solo. I hope you enjoy!

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Things I Want To Do In Chicago

Hello lovelies! I am heading to Chicago in May as I’ve said before but we’re heading for a wedding. We want to try to do as much touristy things as possible in the 5-7 days that we’ll be there. These are the Things I Want To Do In Chicago this coming May. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration if you’re thinking about going to Chicago.


Lincoln Park Zoo

This has to be one of the main things that I want to do when we visit. I’m a big animal lover and the fact that it’s in a park, and is free – it makes everything better. They have a number of different animals that I would love to see like : Polar Bears, American Beaver, Black Bear, Naked Mole Rats to name a few.


Willis Tower Skydeck

This is something that I’ve seen a lot of people do and it’s something that I want to do to face my fears of heights. The Willis Tower as a glass sky deck on one of the highest floors of their building. It’s full made of glass and you can see below you – it’s supposed to be amazing.


Cloud Gate

Everyone who goes to Chicago takes pictures with The Bean which is Cloud Gate. I want to take an amazing Instagram picture with this as you can see a lot of people doing it – following the crowd but who cares!


Shedd Aquarium

As I’ve said up the top, I love animals and I love going to these type of places. I haven’t been to aquariums in ages and I cannot wait. This isn’t free ( I don’t think ) but it will be something that we will be doing. I cannot wait to see the seals and penguins.

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Have you ever been to Chicago? Have plans to go to Chicago? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Bee ox