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What I’m Watching (June)

Hello lovelies! I have been watching a lot of different stuff recently due to being ill and pregnant – not a lot I can do in the grand scheme of things. I have been watching a whole lot of different things recently and I have a lot of new stuff that I’ve been watching too. This is my What I’m Watching June Version – people normally cut down on what they’re watching during the Summer but not me – I cannot handle the heath so it’s a great distraction!


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June Netflix Picks

Hello lovelies! My favourite series on this blog is finally back. I haven’t done one of these in ages and I’m so excited to get this one out. These are my June Netflix Picks which have a wide range of things. Hopefully you’ll find something new to watch.


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My Favourite Movies

Hello lovelies! I am an avid watcher of movies and I have a long list of favourite movies. I watch everything and anything from comedy to thriller to romance – just totally depends on what type of mood I’m in. These are My Favourite Movies which include everything from oldies to new movies that I’ve recently watched!


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What I’m Watching (Jan)

Hello lovelies. I’ve brought another series back for this year and it’s something that you asked for in the Twitter Poll that I put up the other day. I’m always finding new shows on Netflix or streaming sites – I watch TV a lot if you haven’t guessed. It’s a mixture between new TV Shows and older shows – oldies are goldies as they say! Here’s my What I’m Watching in January 2018.


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