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Living With Partner Update ( 6 Months )

As you may know from past blog posts is that; I moved in with my Partners family in April and we found our own apartment by May. This is our 6 Month Update I guess – which is crazy that it’s been half a year anyway but it does feel a lot longer.

I moved up to the other side of the country of Ireland which is about 260km away from my home house. It’s a total different world up here with little or no public transport (no trains), cheap alcohol and no McDonald’s close to us which is something I’ve had to get used to quickly.

Settling In

Settling in wasn’t that hard to do but it did take a while for it to feel like home – it still doesn’t really. Everything took a while to come together from Internet to bins but we’ve done it and I’ve never been more proud of each other to be honest and how well we work as a team.

Paying Rent, Bills and Food

This is one of the things that I thought would’ve been difficult but it hasn’t been. We’re on top of everything and everything gets paid on time. Our rent is a bit expensive but it was the only place on the market.

The Relationship

Our relationship has had its ups and downs since moving in with each other but it’s made us stronger. We have learned so much about each other too and I do think I’ve found my soul mate.

Love, Bee ox

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Celebrity Big Brother 2017

So it’s that time of the year where ” Celebrities ” go into the Big Brother house for our entertainment. Every year new contestants go in and most people haven’t heard of 90% of them which is nearly always the case. There are some excellent housemates this year – I know a lot of them but I don’t know if that’s showing my age or not! Here are my opinions on the Celebrity Big Brother Housemates 2017!  I’m not going to cover all of the housemates – just the people that I think will make a big part of the house.

Sarah Harding

If you don’t know who Sarah Harding is you have lived under a rock! She used to be in the Girl Band ” Girls Aloud ” and has acted in a couple of movies. I do think she’s going to be one to speak her mind and take no shit from others. I don’t know if she has a chance of winning it though but as they say, you need to be in it to win it – so good luck to her!



I am a small massive Made In Chelsea fan and Sam is one of my favourite people in it. He doesn’t have a filter and will start drama left, right and centre. I do think he has a chance of winning it, if he’s just himself and doesn’t play ” the game ” as such. This show could open a number of different doors for him! It’s also nice to have some eye candy on the show!



I actually don’t know much about him but I know he’s going to start drama if people don’t believe in Spirits or anything a long those lines. I also think that he will freak some people out by saying there’s spirits etc around him – as I know some people get terribly freaked out about that kind of stuff. If you don’t know who he is – he’s a star in the show ” Most Haunted “.



I have watched some clips of him on ” The Bachelor ” and by god he’s a character that loves starting drama and arguments so he’s going to be a good one to watch. I don’t think a lot of people would realize who he is as he’s more famous in America. I don’t know if he has a chance of winning it.



I’ve seen Jemma on a number of different shows, including Ex On The Beach and I know for a fact she’s going to be a big personality in the house. She’s going to thrive on drama and start arguments everywhere. I do think she”s going to play the game and is going to play it well.



From what I’ve gathered while watching the first episode of CBB – she’s a YouTuber and has had a number of different jobs. She talks super fast and is going to be a BIG personality in the house without a doubt. She doesn’t seem that bright but she may surprise us with her game playing. Only time will tell!


Let me know what you think of the new Celebrity Housemates in this season in the comments below!

Love, Bee ox