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My Experience In the Equestrian World

Hello my lovelies! I’ve been in the Equestrian World for over for 10 years and it has so many ups and downs. The Equestrian world can be fun but also can be awful – just like any other community!

I have been horseriding for over 10 years at this stage. In this time, I got my horse qualifications, show jumped and gave people a few lessons. I’ve also owned and leased a number of horses. I’m not a blow in so I do sort of know what I’m talking about.

Competitive Side

The competitive side is a whole different world from people stealing tack, judges that are biased and a number of other things. So many judges “may” take a a bribe here and there but a lot of them are biased in the showing ring. In the show jumping ring it’s a whole different story indeed.

Show jumping is based on your round and that only. You need to jump the fastest time without any faults. There are some judges that have it out for people – there are strict rules to follow but some of them are extremely strict. There has been a lot of controversy in the ways where judges disqualified people over silly things – especially well known riders. Mr Allen was disqualified before for ” misusing ” his spurs when in reality there was a little bit of skin missing and they wouldn’t take a closer look – which caused a lot of drama in the community and so many people backed him and he could’ve won.


I have worked in a number of different yards in Ireland. From helping out, being apart of a show jumping yard and even working to pay off my livery. The one thing about working in the equine world is that unless you Have contacts you will get paid well. If not you will get paid crap. You can’t go into the Equestrian world and expect well pay.

I was working at a show jumping yard in a different county in Ireland. I was working from 8am to 6pm most days but it would go over a lot of the time. I was working 6 days of the week for €60. I left after a week as it was a pain in the hole to be quite honest. I will never underestimate myself like that again.


I hope in the past two to three years that I haven’t been in the community things have changed. This time around, I will not be underestimating myself and I will be sticking to my ground. I will be expecting proper pay and all that. We will see if it’s changed in the coming months!

Have you ever been in the Equestrian community? If you have, let me know in the comments all about your thoughts.

Love, Bee ox.