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Husky Struggles

Hey lovelies! We’ve had Dante our Husky for nearly a year now and the struggles are real. It is our first time having a Husky and it has opened my eyes up a lot. There are a lot of Husky Struggles but we wouldn’t change him for the world!


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Husky Puppy Q&A

Hello my lovelies! I have been promising this post for a while and I will be doing a video on this but I thought I would answer a number of questions about Dante since you all have been asking me a number of different questions. Here is my Husky Puppy Q&A for you lot.


1) What is his name and his age?

His name is Dante after Dante’s Inferno (I don’t know the poem or story) but that’s who he is named after. He was born on the 16th of May 2017 so that makes him 8 months by the time this post goes out.

2) Does he get on with both of the kittens?

He used to be so scared of the kittens and now they’re all kind of friends. We wanted to get a puppy and kittens close in age so they grow up together. Don’t get me wrong, they do have they’re moments with each other for the most part they’re all fine. The three of them give them as good as they get.

3) What is his favourite thing to do?

I would have to say go outside as he loves meeting people. He is a massive people’s dog and just loves company. He also loves eating. He will sit beside you and give you the paw, waiting for you to give him something.

4) Does he have any special diet?

Day to day he gets fed three times a day on dry nuts which he loves. We have this way that if he eats, that’s all good but if he doesn’t, I tend to leave it down for 20 minutes and then take it away if he doesn’t. He also gets salmon or tuna and boiled eggs with the egg shells once a week.

5) Does he know any tricks?

He can sit down, lay down, give the paw and give a fist pump. He could sit with a click when we got him at 10 weeks so we’ve done the rest. We are currently trying to teach him how to roll over, heal and speak!

6) What does he do to annoy you?

He has very bad separation from my partner so whenever he leaves, he will sit at the door and cry for hours on end and there’s nothing that I can do. I have tried everything and now it’s just the fact that I ignore now which seems to make him settle. Also when we don’t get up on time, he tends to pounce on us.. which isn’t very pleasant.

7) What is your favourite thing about him?

Oh my… I have so many as he does a number of things that he does that’s so cute. When I’m feeling down and sad, he will come up and cuddle me until I feel better. No matter how long I’m gone for, he is always there and very excited to see me.

Do you have any questions about Dante? Let me know in the comments below and I will answer them all.

Love, Bee ox


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Meet The Puppy!

Since I haven’t been blogging ina while, I have got some new family members not including ” Sox ” the kitten I posted on here a while ago. We have also got a 6 month old Husky Puppy called ” Dantè ” – he is more so my boyfriends but he’s sort of mine too!

Dantè is a full bred Siberian Husky and he is one of the most funniest puppys I have met in my life. He has such an attitude and is very vocal – like all Husky’s. He’s one of the best things to ever happen to me ( other than my boyfriend ). He’s the number two guy in my life!

I have learnt so much since getting him at 10 weeks old. He is 2 weeks younger than the kittens we have. He is so smart and has his own little quirks which I definetly don’t want him to get rid off!

Facts About Dantè

  1. He was born in May 2017 in Croatia.
  2. His favourite food has to be everything – no matter what we have, he will want it.
  3. Right now he weighs about 15kgs which is an average weight of Husky’s around his age.
  4. He sleeps in our bed with us and tends to push me out of the bed – he will be sleeping on the floor once he’s bigger as three of us definetly won’t be able to fit in there.
  5. If you give out to him, he gives out back which seems to be a big trait in Husky’s.
  6. He is currently full and we do not have a plan of casterating him yet as we’re thinking about showing and breeding him in the future.
  7. He has two different coloured eyes – which are my favourite.
  8. Everytime we go into Town – we get stopped on average about ten times as people want to rub him and ask about him.

I will be doing the Furry Friend Tag on my Youtube Channel with all the three animals so you will need to watch out for that!

Love, Bee ox