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Blogging Tips and Tricks

Hello lovelies! I have been blogging nearly four years now and I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks over them years. Here are my Blogging Tips and Tricks that I have figured out over the past few years – these might not be everyone’s tips but it’s what I think are the best.


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Things To Do In Manchester

Hello lovelies! I’m back with another series which I love doing. I love travelling and going to new places – I have a massive bucket list! These are the Things To Do In Manchester in my opinion – there are a lot of different things you can do too! Manchester is one of the places that I really want to visit in the next two years as it’s not far away.


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Top Travel Tips

Hello lovelies! I have been getting into wanting to travel again which I am longing to do so I have brought Travel section onto this blog for you lot. Everyone asks everybody for travel tips every now and again, it’s a given. I am here today to give you a Top Travel Tips blog post for you lot – these are things that I have realized myself and also have heard people saying over the years.



Skyscanner : People always want the cheapest flights going which is so hard to find without ramping up the price of them because of “cookies” on your laptop or phones. Skyscanner is one of the best apps and websites I have found as they will give you the cheapest and quickest flight that is available.

Booking Dot Com : I am avid user of this website, I use it when I am in Ireland or abroad as you can book the hotel etc right there and then, and most of them you don’t even have to pay right away. They also offer a free cancellation service on some of them before a certain date.

Hostel World : My boyfriend uses this website a lot. If you are travelling on a budget and cannot afford a hotel, this is the website if you. You can also just pay a deposit when booking a hostel here – which is amazing also.


Roll your clothes : I hate seeing people that just “fold” they’re clothes and then complain that there’s not enough room. If you roll them, you will have a lot of space left for whatever you need to bring. Rolling is the new folding!

Anything over 100ml : Anything that is over 100ml, you need to fit into your hold all bag if you are bringing one or else it won’t be able to come. Rules with every airline states that anything over 100ml won’t be allowed in your carry-on and all liquids in the carry-on must be in a clear plastic bag and only allowed to bring 1 litre worth of liquids.

Valuables : Do not pack anything that is valuable in your hold all bag as there is a chance that the airline could lose it. Always pack money, laptops, cameras etc into your carry-on as that way you know it’s safe and always going to be with you.

Weighing Luggage : You need to check your airlines weight limit as they can be different. A few days before, weigh your luggage and then weigh it again when you’re sure you have everything you need in them. You need to weigh your carry-on and hold all bag.

Changing Currency : Changing currency can be a pain in the ass as you don’t know who or where has the best exchange rate. You are better off to go to a post office or credit union as neither of these charge a conversion rate.

When You Get There

Map : No matter where you go, you should get a local map as it will be a godsend. Even if you pick one up before you go in a shop, you will not regret it.

Cash : No matter where you go, do not carry all of your cash around with you 24/7 as you are just asking to be robbed. Bring enough money with you for the day that’s in it and then store the rest in the safe in your room.

Do you have any travel tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bee ox


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25 Blog Post Idea’s

Everyone struggles with blog posts every now and again, and needs inspiration. This is where this post comes in. I always struggle once a month for blog post idea’s and I look for some inspiration – most of the time I don’t even find any which sucks but when I do, I am so thankful as without the specific person I wouldn’t have a post idea.

50 Facts About Me – These posts are a great way for your readers to get to know you more and they’ll enjoy reading it as much as you will writing it.
Best Blog Posts – Do a post on some of the best blog posts that you have read over the past week or month.
Your Local City – You could do a post on your local city on what to visit or where to eat etc.
Create A Quiz – A quiz can be a great way to get to know your readers more.
Tag Posts – These are quite common and are pretty fun to do. You don’t need to be tagged in one to do.

Review An Old Product – If you have any old products laying around that you haven’t reviewed.. Review them!
Netflix Picks – People are always looking for stuff to watch on Netflix and this way you may find out more  series or movies to watch via your readers.
Movie Reviews – If you have been to the cinema recently and seen a new movie recently.. Review it.
Write An Open Letter – This can be to a person or a company which can also be anonymous at the same time.
Favourite Movies – This can  be another personal one and it’s a pretty easy post to write.

Make-Up Routine – This is a  simple one as your make-up routine doesn’t really change.
Music Playlist – Share your current playlist with your readers.
What’s In/On My… – Are quite popular posts and are ones that go down pretty well.
Favourite YouTubers – Compile a list of YouTubers and the reasons why you like them.
Personal Recipes – People are always looking for new recipes to cook and bake from.

Dating Experiences – You can let the readers know all about the good, the bad and the ugly.
Inspiration Quotes – These are posts that a lot of people like, especially in hard times or exam times.
Travel Bucket List – Everyone has a list of places where they would like to travel too. They would also give other people inspiration for travel.
Monthly Goals – You can set yourself some goals for the month including views, blog posts and even for social media.
Monthly Favourites – Everyone loves reading favourite posts and they are a good post to have at the end of every month.

Birthday Wish List – If it’s close to your birthday, you should do a birthday wish list and send it out to all your family.
Saving Tips – Saving tips are so handy for anyone. If you have any good ways to save, do a post on it.
Gift Guide – Do a general gift guide or if it’s Christmas etc Gift Guides always go down well.
Room Tour – You should show people the set up in your room which may give other people inspiration.
Your Favourite Brands –  Whether it’s makeup, clothes, games etc.

These are 25 blog posts for you when you’re stuck in a rut! I will have another 25 coming in a few weeks!

Let me know if you’re going to use any of these in the comments below.

Love, Bee ox