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Living With Partner Update ( 6 Months )

As you may know from past blog posts is that; I moved in with my Partners family in April and we found our own apartment by May. This is our 6 Month Update I guess – which is crazy that it’s been half a year anyway but it does feel a lot longer.

I moved up to the other side of the country of Ireland which is about 260km away from my home house. It’s a total different world up here with little or no public transport (no trains), cheap alcohol and no McDonald’s close to us which is something I’ve had to get used to quickly.

Settling In

Settling in wasn’t that hard to do but it did take a while for it to feel like home – it still doesn’t really. Everything took a while to come together from Internet to bins but we’ve done it and I’ve never been more proud of each other to be honest and how well we work as a team.

Paying Rent, Bills and Food

This is one of the things that I thought would’ve been difficult but it hasn’t been. We’re on top of everything and everything gets paid on time. Our rent is a bit expensive but it was the only place on the market.

The Relationship

Our relationship has had its ups and downs since moving in with each other but it’s made us stronger. We have learned so much about each other too and I do think I’ve found my soul mate.

Love, Bee ox

Lifestyle · Moving · Personal

Things You Don’t Realize When You Move Out

I’ve moved out of home a few weeks ago and there have been so many things that I didn’t realize you need to do when you move out – some are pros and some are cons. I don’t regret it one bit but adulting is one hard task and you will learn so many things about life that you thought you would know but you actually don’t.

Food Isn’t Cheap : I love doing the food shopping – I actually prefer it to clothes shopping which is crazy, i know! You honestly don’t realize how expensive food is especially when you have to do a food shop for a whole week rather than just bits here and there  for yourself –  even when you shop in Aldi, the price can be high.

Houses Don’t Clean Themselves : Cleaning a house is the biggest chore and your mum or dad isn’t there to do it anymore. You are much better to do it daily than to leave it a few days as you will have a hell of a load of stuff to clean. I’ve realized that if you get into a routine, it’s so much better.

You Need To Pay For Electricity : Electricity is probably the biggest bill you will have in a house and it’s not good. You can’t just ignore the bills either so you do need to put money away. The realization of bills are probably the worst thing of the whole lot but it is a part of life.

IKEA and Buy & Sells Are Your Best Friend : To save money to furnish your new place these are probably the two best and cheapest of the lot. IKEA will be a god send when you need anything from cutlery, beds and all that kind of stuff. Buy & Sells can be good for second hand things like desks, sofa’s and whatever else. This is something I realized so early on as things are expensive.

These are just a few things I have learnt over the past couple of weeks. If you have moved out and learnt other things – let me know in the comments below as I would love to hear you’re thoughts on the whole realization after moving out of home.

Love, Bee ox