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A Year In The Life Of Bee

Hello lovelies! I seriously cannot believe it’s been a year since starting this blog – even though I started blogging four years this November. It’s been a year of ups and downs but it’s something that I wouldn’t change without a doubt. This is A Year In The Life Of Bee!


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Blogging Tips and Tricks

Hello lovelies! I have been blogging nearly four years now and I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks over them years. Here are my Blogging Tips and Tricks that I have figured out over the past few years – these might not be everyone’s tips but it’s what I think are the best.


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My Buffer Pro Review

Hello lovelies! I have been using Buffer For Business for the past two weeks, so I’ve decided to do a review on it. I’ve been using Buffer for the past 3 years basically – I’m probably biased towards it but ah well. Here is My Buffer Pro Review – if you’ve thought about buying it, here’s my opinion on it.


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Why I Won’t Be Doing BEDA!

Hello my lovelies! I had promised myself that I would be doing Blog Everyday in April but honestly I can’t and this is a post all about WHY! I’m sorry for letting you all down but some things have to come first and I will be doing all the other Blog Everyday in August, November, Blogtober and then Blogmas in December.


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Blogger Resource’s

Hello my lovelies! I’ve seen so many Tweets and Facebook posts about people asking what resources everyone uses. I use a lot of Blogger Resource’s  and I don’t know how I would be able to blog without them. These are just some that I use and I’m sure that there’s a lot more which I haven’t found yet.



I’m a big person for scheduling tweets and this is the best one I have found. Buffer is one of the websites and apps that I use a lot. You can schedule 10 Tweets on the free version at any time and way more on the paid version. The paid version is well worth it and it’s not that expensive at all.



There are so many different stock picture websites on the internet but it’s so hard to find a free one, but I’ve just gone and done that. Pixabay is a free stock photo website and has a lot of different sort of pictures for any occasion. I currently don’t have a good camera or a laptop to upload and edit my pictures, so this website has been a life saver.



If you love blogger chats like myself, Tweetdeck will save your life. You can have a number of different columns for chats and different hashtags. So many bloggers swear by this website and I have to say it’s amazing. It only works on the computer and not on the phone but hopefully they’ll bring an app etc out for us.


Facebook Groups

I know a lot of people don’t want to mix up they’re personal life with blogging but there are so many hidden groups on Facebook. They are amazing for advice, comment swaps and a lot more. I may do a post on groups and what are the best one’s to join as there’s a lot and it can be overwhelming at times.


What blogger resources do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Bee ox