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Husky Struggles

Hey lovelies! We’ve had Dante our Husky for nearly a year now and the struggles are real. It is our first time having a Husky and it has opened my eyes up a lot. There are a lot of Husky Struggles but we wouldn’t change him for the world!


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Things To Do In Manchester

Hello lovelies! I’m back with another series which I love doing. I love travelling and going to new places – I have a massive bucket list! These are the Things To Do In Manchester in my opinion – there are a lot of different things you can do too! Manchester is one of the places that I really want to visit in the next two years as it’s not far away.


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Gender Reveal Ideas

Hello lovelies! Since we are finding out the Gender in May which we have no clue how we’re going to reveal it to family but we have so many ideas. These are Gender Reveal Ideas that I really like and have found online. You can obviously make up your own thing but these are some of the reveals that we are contemplating on using.


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My Blogging Essentials

Hello lovelies! I’ve been blogging nearly four years now – which is crazy! I have a lot of things that I use a lot – some more than others. I always get asked what I use, how I plan and which are the essentials for myself. This is a blog post that is all about My Blogging Essentials! I use all of these on a daily basis and find them all so important!


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The Pregnancy Tag

Hello my lovelies! I haven’t done a tag post in so long and I know I haven’t been tagged into this post but I’ve wanted to do it for a while now. I’m not going to tag anyone to do it but if you want to do this tag – I tag you! This is The Pregnancy Tag! I will be answering the 19 questions for you lot – you can answer them too if you’re pregnant.


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April Netflix Picks

Hello lovelies! It’s time for another Netflix Picks post. I have been watching a lot of Netflix – which I normally do anyway and there has been some new shows and movies I have found on here for this months picks! I don’t just include new things but I include old shows or movies that I have just found too. Here are my April Netflix Picks for you lot.


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My Beauty Wish List

Hello lovelies! I’m a massive lover of everything to do with Beauty and since I haven’t been on the make-up or skincare hype in so long – I have a massive wish list to share with you all. I don’t really wear make-up that much but I have a massive collection – could say I’m a hoarder as I don’t use half of it. This is My Beauty Wish List for you all and I hope it gives you some idea’s on what to get yourself or someone else!


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