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Meet The New Family Member

Ah I’m so excited to introduce our new family member. If you have read some of my previous posts like First Thoughts After Moving in With Partner, you will know that I have moved to Dongeal to live with my partner. I’ve always loved animals and want a lot of animals but since we live in a two bedroom apartment we are stuck on what we can actually get but I have finally got something that I’ve wanted for ages. I wasn’t able to get this at home as my brother is allergic to cats.

I want you all to meet Sox the kitten who is named after The Red Sox. He is between eight to then weeks and is a handful. He is one of the best things to happen to me in a while and he has fit in perfectly into our household. I didn’t think a kitten would be this much work but he knows how to make us laugh and smile if he does something bold – even though he’s only young, he still does things that he shouldn’t do.

I will be doing the Furry Friend Tag on my YouTube Channel with him soon enough, when I have my channel up and running again. You can check it out here – ThatSoBee as vlogs and videos will be starting back in July for you lot.

He doesn’t even look like a kitten here 🙂

Love, Bee ox