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My Birthday Wish List

Hello lovelies! August is one of my favourite times of the year due to it being my Birthday on the 22nd of August. This August I am 25 years old which is crazy – I’ll be halfway to 50… So it may be time for a quarter life crisis. This is my one and only Birthday Wish List!


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24 Things I’ve Learned In 24 Years

I am turning 24 years old on the 22nd of this month and with everything else, there are life lessons to be talked about. I did the same post when I was turning 23 years old but I have learnt so much more about life and myself in the past year – which I never thought I would learn. This year has been a world wind of emotions, ups and even downs but they have thought me so much.


1. Relationships Changing : Relationships change the whole time whether its romantic, family or even friendships. They all change no matter how hard to try to keep them all the same. Change is good!

2. You Can Say No : I used to be afraid of saying no to people but over the past couple of years, I have realized saying no is actually a good thing. You are more important than the other person asking you the question – you need to think about yourself more.

3. Not Everyone Is Going To Like You : No matter how hard you try and the fact you want people to like you, not everyone will. Everyone has their preference on the type of people they like and it’s not you. The sooner you come to this conclusion, the happier you will be.

4. Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone :  This can mean a whole range of things but getting out of the comfort zone is one of the most important things I’ve learned in the past few years.  If you have a ” type ” of guy you go for, go  for a different type of guy – it might pay off. It has totally paid off for me.

5. It’s Ok To Not Be Ok : No matter how much you’re hurting or sad on the inside, it is ok to not be ok.

6. Live Everyday Like It’s Your Last : I’ve learned that you don’t know whats coming and that you should live everyday like it’s your last, as you will totally regret it if you don’t.

7. Make  Bucket List : Everyone has certain things they want to do before you die etc – a bucket list is something that I have found to be so easy when you grow up. You can keep track of everything and know what you want to do and where to go.

8. Forget The Past : Everyone has a past but some people live by it. If you haven’t forgot the past do because if you live in the past, you will miss the future.

9. Listen To Your Gut :  If something feels bad in your gut, don’t do it because it will most likely be off or bad – something that I have learnt pretty well.

10. Forgive But Never Forget : This is something that I’ve gone by in the past year. You can forgive but you never forget.

11. Music Helps Everything : No matter if you’re feeling down etc – Music will help lift you up.

12. FOMO Is A Real Thing :  Fear of Missing Out is a real thing and it’s something that people do suffer with the whole time… It’s a killer!

13. Sex Isn’t Like What You See In Movies : Most of the time you will need to undress yourself.. Maybe once in a blue moon a guy will undress you!

14. Soaps Are Actually Good : I used to hate the soaps for ages now but now since I’ve grown up, they’re pretty amazing!

15. Parents Are Right Most Of The Time : When your older you realize 94% of the time what your parents have said and done was right and the truth,

16. Make Yourself Happy : I’ve learnt to stop putting everyone’s happiness before mine and it’s a big life lesson. You do need to make yourself happy before you should make others happy.

17. Disney Never Gets Old : Disney is one of the best movie creators of all time. At 23 years old, I have been on a Disney Marathon for the past few weeks.

18. Get Off Social Media : In my younger days, I used to be obsessed with Social Media but that has gone. Everyone needs time away from Social Media and it’s a big lesson that we can’t live in Social Media or else you miss things in real life.

19. Money Doesn’t Make You Happy : Money definitely doesn’t make you happy but the freedom that money bring, does.

20. People Will F**k You Over : No matter how much you think you trust people, they will f**k you over no matter what.

21. Never Stop Learning : You definitely don’t know it all so don’t say you do. Learn as you go and it’ll make your life so much better.

22. You Will Fail : Don’t be afraid to fail as it will happen. Don’t let failure bring you down.

23. Friends and Family Trump Everyone Else : You won’t find anyone better than your friends and family. Don’t let people try and turn you against either.


These are the 24 things that I learned in my 24 years old this planet. Let me know some of the life lessons you have learned in the comments below.

Love Bee ox