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Dating Websites You Should Join

Hello lovelies! People are always giving out about websites that they use for dating. I have used quite a lot of these websites and have found some of the best ones. I met my partner on a dating website – so I haven’t lost hope in most of them ( you shouldn’t either ). These areĀ Dating Websites You Should Join!


Plenty of Fish

This is always my go-to when I suggest dating websites to people. I have found this website so much easier to meet and talk to people on without a problem. You can also limit the age of people who can message you which is a god send. I actually met my partner on this one and have met some amazing people who are now friends through it. This website is more suited for the people that are looking for relationships rather than just fun with no strings attached.



I’m not a big fan of Tinder for a number of reasons but do know people that have met partners etc of this website. Tinder is where you “swipe left” if you’re not interested in the person and “swipe right” if you are – you can only message each other if you have matched which in my eyes, is a good feature that a few other websites are badly missing. This is more suited for people who just want fun, a one off hook up or even just to chat but as I said, I do know people who have found a relationship off it too.



If your more into the kinky or fetish side of things Fetlife is the place for you. I wouldn’t really call it a dating site as it’s more a social networking site more than for dating. Everything is under lock and key, and you can only see profiles if you have an account. You need to sign up with your number but it won’t be attached to your profile. Everyone is really nice and you can have a decent amount of conversations with people on it.


Have you ever used dating sites? Found your partner on a dating site? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Bee ox