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Living With Partner Update ( 6 Months )

As you may know from past blog posts is that; I moved in with my Partners family in April and we found our own apartment by May. This is our 6 Month Update I guess – which is crazy that it’s been half a year anyway but it does feel a lot longer.

I moved up to the other side of the country of Ireland which is about 260km away from my home house. It’s a total different world up here with little or no public transport (no trains), cheap alcohol and no McDonald’s close to us which is something I’ve had to get used to quickly.

Settling In

Settling in wasn’t that hard to do but it did take a while for it to feel like home – it still doesn’t really. Everything took a while to come together from Internet to bins but we’ve done it and I’ve never been more proud of each other to be honest and how well we work as a team.

Paying Rent, Bills and Food

This is one of the things that I thought would’ve been difficult but it hasn’t been. We’re on top of everything and everything gets paid on time. Our rent is a bit expensive but it was the only place on the market.

The Relationship

Our relationship has had its ups and downs since moving in with each other but it’s made us stronger. We have learned so much about each other too and I do think I’ve found my soul mate.

Love, Bee ox

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First Thoughts After Moving in With Partner

Moving in with someone is a big step right?! You would think so. It’s something that you should give a long hard think about as it could break or make a relationship basically. It’s something that me and my partner had thought about even though we’ve only being together four month’s at the end of May. We have finally moved into our two bedroom apartment in Donegal Town which is 15 minutes from where he grew up. These are just the thoughts that came through my head over the past few days.

Which is the truth as it will either make or break us. The past four month’s that we’ve being together we have never fought and I honestly think we’re strong as we both trust each other. and know what we want in general but it’s a massive thought that keeps on going through my head. It will either make or break us and that’s the scary part as he’s amazing.

This is the truth as we will see each other in a different light in regards to everything as all of the time we’ve spent together has been in his family home, so we’ve always had his Mum on board to help us with the cleaning and cooking. We will also learn a lot about us which is one of the good things about moving in with each other. We will figure out what gets on each others nerves, what food etc we like and a number of other things.

In my head, I do think life will change a lot as we won’t have the creature comforts at home and it will be our own place where we can do what we want, buy what we want and just do whatever really. It’s mutual territory rather than one person just owning it as say’s what needs to be done etc.


Now, this is one of the main things that’s going through my head right now. I am now offically an adult but I have no clue how to adult. This whole thing of getting a place together and having bills to pay is such a scary thing but exciting at the same time. I don’t think anyone knows how to adult when they first set off but let’s hope it comes at some stage as I am scared, like really scared.

Let me know in the comments; if you have moved in with your partner and what your first thoughts were or if you can give me tips on how to adult – it would be muchly appreciated.

Love, Bee ox