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Aspergers & Pregnancy

Hello lovelies. This is a post that I’ve wanted to do for a while but I’ve been sort of afraid to do it due to a number of different things. If you’ve read my other blog posts you will know I have Aspergers Syndrome (ASD) and now I’m pregnant so I have so many things going through my head. Here is my post on Aspergers & Pregnancy which is my personal opinion on the whole thing and what I have experienced – people may have experienced different things to me and that’s OK too.


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Aspergers & Me

Hello my lovelies! I have been wanting to do this post for so long but have never had the guts to do it. I have talked before about having Aspergers but not in detail. This is something that I do think needs more airtime and people need to know more about it as there’s so much that people don’t actually know. All of the details I’ve got for this post is off the Autism Ireland Website.


What is Aspergers?

Aspergers Syndrome (AS) is apart of the Autistic Spectrum and is a complex brain disorder. People that are effected normally have an IQ in the normal range but have poor communication and social skills. Common characteristics include the following : lack of empathy, little ability to form relationships, one-sided conversations and an intense absorption with special interest. Sometimes people with AS can be clumsy however people with Aspergers can live full and productive lives.

 Symptoms of Aspergers

  • Don’t pick up on social cues and may lack inborn social skills.
  • Dislike any change to routine.
  • Appear to lack empathy.
  • Talk a lot but about stuff that they’re interested in.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Have unusual facial expressions and postures.
  • Have delayed motor development.
  • Have heightened sensibility.

Disclaimer : Not everyone with Aspergers will show every single sign and everyone can be different in the levels of each they have.

Aspergers & Myself

Social Interaction : I find socializing with people in person so hard. Even though I can talk non stop, it’s still super hard for me to talk without being nervous or having anxiety. I really don’t get on with anyone my age, I tend to get on with people younger or older than myself which isn’t a bad thing. I also find it so hard to find it hard to keep friends, as they either find me too much or weird.

Communication : I take peoples words quite literally and some of the times, it does hurt even though people don’t mean it in that way. I’m the type of person who likes to communicate more online with people than talk face to face to them. I just find it easier to communicate online, than in person.

Imagination : My imagination can run riot quite a lot but it’s something that I have reeled in a lot as it is something that effected my life for ages. I couldn’t really tell which was real or which was fake – it just wasn’t black or white to me.

Anxiety : I have really bad anxiety and I do panic a lot which is down to AS. Once I get something in my head, I panic and can’t keep myself relaxed. I tend to get inside my head a little bit too much. It is something that I have been working on.

What I Love About Aspergers?

These are just the traits that I am proud of that I’ve got from having Aspergers Syndrome.

  • Reliable : I am always on time, punctual (maybe too punctual sometimes) and dependable.
  • Commitment : I am committed to things once I get something in my head. I am the type of person that would do most of the work, if i could.
  • Recall : I am so good at remembering facts and recalling them to people – It’s not useful facts but they are facts that do come in handy every now and again.

I’m hoping this post has thought you something in a way in relation to Aspergers Syndrome. I used to be so ashamed of having AS but now I know that it makes me, me!

Do you know much about Aspergers? Did you learn anything while reading this blog post? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Bee ox


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November Thoughts

Hello lovelies! I have been thinking so much over the past month about everything and anything. I have learned so much about myself over the past few months and I’m pretty proud to say that I have. These are just all of my November Thoughts which might be a new series in the New Year! You’ll just have to wait and see.

November Thoughts

People Come and Go

No matter where you are in life or what you’re doing, people will come and go. This is something that a lot of people have to learn but it can be a hard one. No matter what you do, you will lose people. These people may be friends, family or your partner but in reality everything happens for a reason. I’ve learned that the people who leave you are toxic and you’re life will be 100% better when they’re gone. I may of been upset for a while but now I can see the good that it brings also. In with the new and out with the old – as they say.

Haters Gonna Hate

Life brings all, the good and the bad. Haters are something that people are going to get no matter what you do. Haters are a part of life and you can wallow over them or move on with your life. I have chosen to move on with my life. I’ve had haters over the past three years and they used to bother me, but now I see how pathetic and sad they’re lives are to target someone online – that they don’t even know. I am lucky that I have the support from my friends, family and my partner.

Animals Cheer You Up No Matter What

If I’m down in the dumps or just having a bad mental health day, my animals cheer me up. Nothing beats have puppy or kitten cuddles. Life brings it’s up and downs, Animals get you through the toughest of times.


I used to be so ashamed of saying that I have Autism but in reality now I know that it makes me, me. I wouldn’t be myself without it. There are so many different things that people don’t know about Autism and I cannot wait to bring some of the facts to this blog soon. April is Autism Awareness Month so stay tuned.

These are all of my November Thoughts for you all!

Love, Bee ox