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34 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello lovelies! I honestly cannot believe that I’m thirty four weeks pregnant with only three weeks to go till full term and six weeks to go till my due date. I am six weeks into the third trimester and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done a pregnancy update for you lot in ages so here’s my 34 Week Pregnancy Update! 


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Things I’ve Learnt During Pregnancy

Hello lovelies! I have learnt a lot about my body from being pregnant. There have been a lot of things I didn’t believe once I got told them and a lot of things that I did believe but turned out to be false when pregnant. These are just the Things I’ve Learnt During Pregnancy so far!


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Aspergers & Pregnancy

Hello lovelies. This is a post that I’ve wanted to do for a while but I’ve been sort of afraid to do it due to a number of different things. If you’ve read my other blog posts you will know I have Aspergers Syndrome (ASD) and now I’m pregnant so I have so many things going through my head. Here is my post on Aspergers & Pregnancy which is my personal opinion on the whole thing and what I have experienced – people may have experienced different things to me and that’s OK too.


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26 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello lovelies! I cannot believe that I’m 26 weeks pregnant on Monday and I haven’t done an update on the blog in a long time due to being busy and a number of other things in general. I will be updating you on the past 10 weeks as a lot has happened. This is my 26 Week Pregnancy Update – be prepared for a long post!


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Gender Reveal Ideas

Hello lovelies! Since we are finding out the Gender in May which we have no clue how we’re going to reveal it to family but we have so many ideas. These are Gender Reveal Ideas that I really like and have found online. You can obviously make up your own thing but these are some of the reveals that we are contemplating on using.


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The Pregnancy Tag

Hello my lovelies! I haven’t done a tag post in so long and I know I haven’t been tagged into this post but I’ve wanted to do it for a while now. I’m not going to tag anyone to do it but if you want to do this tag – I tag you! This is The Pregnancy Tag! I will be answering the 19 questions for you lot – you can answer them too if you’re pregnant.


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