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34 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello lovelies! I honestly cannot believe that I’m thirty four weeks pregnant with only three weeks to go till full term and six weeks to go till my due date. I am six weeks into the third trimester and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done a pregnancy update for you lot in ages so here’s my 34 Week Pregnancy Update! 


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Things I’ve Learnt During Pregnancy

Hello lovelies! I have learnt a lot about my body from being pregnant. There have been a lot of things I didn’t believe once I got told them and a lot of things that I did believe but turned out to be false when pregnant. These are just the Things I’ve Learnt During Pregnancy so far!


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My Summer Essentials

Hello lovelies! I honestly cannot believe that it’s Summer already. It’s June which is crazy as it only feels like it was Christmas yesterday! I have a lot of different essentials for different seasons but they seem to change every year depending on what the weather is like and what my health is like. This Summer I will be in the last trimester of my pregnancy so it’s going to be tough! These are My Summer Essentials!


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Gender Reveal Ideas

Hello lovelies! Since we are finding out the Gender in May which we have no clue how we’re going to reveal it to family but we have so many ideas. These are Gender Reveal Ideas that I really like and have found online. You can obviously make up your own thing but these are some of the reveals that we are contemplating on using.


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14 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Hello my lovelies! I have been so quiet on here for a number of reasons but I can now finally tell you that I’m 14 Weeks and 3 Days Pregnant! I am doing this blog post today so I can tell you how the past 14 weeks have gone in relation to everything and anything. I’m really excited for the next few months!


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Living With A Stammer

Hello my lovelies! As part of Blogmas, I really wanted to give you some more personal posts and this is one thing that I’ve never talked about before publicly, and I honestly think I should. I had a really bad stammer , it’s still here sometimes. Just thought that I would give you more of an insight into Living With A Stammer!


What is a Stammer?

A stammer is where your speech is filled with involuntary pauses, blocks and/or reputations. You basically know what to say but when you try and talk, the words hit a wall and refuse to come out.

My Life with a Stammer?

After hearing stories I think I know what caused my stammer. When I was just learning to walk and talk, I got really sick. Like when I say really sick, I was crazily sick. I was having fits etc and had to be in hospital. I was just learning to walk and talk. I do believe the trauma of that incident had caused my stammer when I was doing research about it online and talking to other people.

I’ve had a stammer since I could walk. I don’t remember much when I was younger other than being bullied for it – which I don’t blame the kids as I was in Junior Infants to Second Class. After Second Class, I got so caged in and honestly didn’t know how to handle my stammer. I was so frustrated and honestly it made me feel like crap.

I was always trying to talk ( I’m the type of person that could talk for Ireland ) but it would never come out. It would take me three to four times at a time to just get one or two words out. It was so disheartening. I was doing Speech Therapy for years and I still remember going to it in Dublin and seeing the doctors. Speech Therapy was hard – I could pronounce a number of different sounds or works like K,C or the word hospital was the main word for me.

I used to be so nervous so read or even speak in class as people would laugh when I couldn’t read an extract from the book. It was so disheartening and I’m honestly shocked over the way people reacted.

When I turned 16 years old, something just happened over that Halloween. I was away with my family and some family friends. My stammer is eased off as I learned to slow down my talking and take breathes – which was critical. I was so surprised and how quickly I noticed a change.

I still am nervous reading out loud or even talking to people at first because of my stammer but now I’ve learned to not be ashamed of it, and realized it’s a part of me which won’t change. I also really only stammer when I get nervous or talk really fast now which is amazing.

Do you know anyone with a stammer or do you have one yourself?

Love, Bee ox