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34 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello lovelies! I honestly cannot believe that I’m thirty four weeks pregnant with only three weeks to go till full term and six weeks to go till my due date. I am six weeks into the third trimester and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done a pregnancy update for you lot in ages so here’s my 34 Week Pregnancy Update! 


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Things I’ve Learnt During Pregnancy

Hello lovelies! I have learnt a lot about my body from being pregnant. There have been a lot of things I didn’t believe once I got told them and a lot of things that I did believe but turned out to be false when pregnant. These are just the Things I’ve Learnt During Pregnancy so far!


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Girls Names That We Love But Won’t Be Using

Hello lovelies! Names was something that me and my partner talked about from the time we found out as we both don’t agree on things fast. We finally have our names picked so I am releasing the Names That We Love But Won’t Be Using and now it’s time for the girls names! There will be a boys name post sometime in the future too!


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