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The Autumn Tag

Hello lovelies! I love doing tag posts and I haven’t done one in ages. It’s the start of Autumn finally which means it’s time for The Autumn Tag!  I haven’t been tagged to do this post and I’m not tagging anyone to do it but if you want to do it go ahead, I tag you!


Q1) The Smell Of Pumpkin Guts or Rotting Leaves?

I would have to say rotting leaves as I honestly hate pumpkins in general – they just freak me out totally!

Q2) Sweet or Salty Pumpkin Seeds?

Neither as I don’t like pumpkin – I might seem like a sour puss here but I despise them so much.

Q3) Store Bought or Pumpkin Patch Pumpkins?

This year we are doing pumpkin patch pumpkins since it’s going to be the baby’s first Halloween and we finally have an excuse to do decorations etc for Halloween. She’ll only be a month but who cares!

Q4) Halloween Party or Explore Haunted Places?

Halloween Party 100% as I do believe in ghosts and wouldn’t go into a haunted place at night time as it would just freak me out way too much.

Q5) Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

Neither as I don’t like pie…. I’m more of a cake person.

Q6) Witches or Ghosts?

As I said above I do believe in ghosts but I would love to be a witch. When I was younger I was a witch nearly every year so I have to be loyal to them!

Q7) October or November?

Honestly we don’t count November as Autumn so I’ll have to go with October since it’s the last month of Autumn.

Q8) Fireplace or Candle Light?

Before I moved in with my partner, I would’ve said candle light but now since I’m used to an open fire. I have to say fire place as nothing beats an open fire on a cold night.

Q9) Black Cats or Owls?

Black Cats obviously as I do have cats myself..

Love, Bee ox


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