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My Birthday Wish List

Hello lovelies! August is one of my favourite times of the year due to it being my Birthday on the 22nd of August. This August I am 25 years old which is crazy – I’ll be halfway to 50… So it may be time for a quarter life crisis. This is my one and only Birthday Wish List!


Bperfect Carnival Palette


I haven’t really been paying attention to the beauty world but this is a palette that I’ve seen the whole time and I would love to get it. It has some amazing reviews and I really need this in my make-up collection – it’s about €50 which is expensive but I’ve seen swatches and I really want this.

Fitbit Charge 2


Once I have this baby I really want to get back into fitness. I know so many people that have this Fitbit and is in love with it. I don’t mind what colour or even what Fitbit but wouldn’t mind the Charge 2 as I love the colours. This isn’t probably likely to get for my birthday but I may save up for one myself.

GHD Straighteners


I don’t own a straighteners and I’ve always wanted to own a GHD as I’ve heard amazing things about them, and how they last years. This is probably one of the most practical presents that’s on my Wish List due to actually needing it rather than wanting it.

Other Presents

Airline Gift Card : For any airline and any amount as we want to go on our first family holiday next year at some stage when the baby is old enough.
Massage : Since becoming pregnant, I really want a massage and it would be an amazing birthday present for after the baby.
Baby Arriving : I would love for the little madame to make an appearance either before or after my birthday – just close to it as it would be the best present ever.

What is on your birthday wish list? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Bee ox


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