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34 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello lovelies! I honestly cannot believe that I’m thirty four weeks pregnant with only three weeks to go till full term and six weeks to go till my due date. I am six weeks into the third trimester and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done a pregnancy update for you lot in ages so here’s my 34 Week Pregnancy Update! 


I can finally say that I’m on the home stretch with only three weeks to go till thirty seven weeks which is full term and six weeks left to go till my due date (17th September 2018). We’re still not sure if we’re going for a natural birth or a c-section as our appointment for the consultant isn’t until the 35 week mark but I will update you all when we know.

Baby Update

I know for a fact that she is growing amazingly as the bump is getting bigger and bigger – the pressure is crazy! She should be weighing about 5 pounds (2.26kg)  at this stage and 44cm (19.9 inches) in length – I do have a feeling she’s on the bigger side of both of these due to measuring big since her 12 week scan. She is still head down and has been since the 28 week scan – I did think she moved at the 32 week mark but the GP said she was still head down to my surprise.

Her movements etc have stayed the same but have got stronger over the past few weeks. We haven’t had a reduced movements since twenty eight weeks which I am so grateful for.

Signs and Symptoms

The main two symptoms I’ve been having are lower back pain and hip pain which I’ve been having since about thirty weeks which is caused by the pressure of her being head down. I haven’t tried much to help the pain but I am hoping to get an exercise ball in the next week or two. I have also started drinking raspberry leaf tea which I’m hoping will do wonders if I decide to have a natural birth.

At 28 weeks, we found out my iron had dropped which I was told to see if I could manage it with my diet which turned out I couldn’t. When I turned thirty weeks, I was told that I have Anaemia (pretty badly) and I was put on iron supplements. I’m hoping at my 35/36 week appointment, I’m hoping it goes up or else I’ll need an iron transfusion.

I’ve been having so many early labour signs from diarrhea, sickness is back, lower back pain and pressure but there has been no sign of her at all. I’m also pretty sure I’ve had Braxton Hicks but I can’t be 100% sure about that.


My cravings have stayed the same. They’ve been bread (white), coke, cherry tomatoes, chocolate and cleaning. The cleaning has to be part of nesting as I’ve never had the sudden urge to clean at all in my life.


I have finally packed my hospital bag and hers but I still have a few more things to get. They’re being kept near the door as it could happen at any stage now!

Love, Bee ox





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