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Things I’ve Learnt During Pregnancy

Hello lovelies! I have learnt a lot about my body from being pregnant. There have been a lot of things I didn’t believe once I got told them and a lot of things that I did believe but turned out to be false when pregnant. These are just the Things I’ve Learnt During Pregnancy so far!


Random Twinges/Pains Are Normal : Between round ligament pain, uterus growing and braxton hicks -all are normal and so common in pregnancy. When I first started getting these pains, I would be panicking a lot but as the time went on I realised how normal they were. Round ligament pain is also so so sore when you sneeze or cough so be prepared, unlike I was – I thought I was dying.

Peeing : This is something that I didn’t believe at all that when you’re pregnant, you will pee a lot and I can tell you – it’s so true! Since I’ve got bigger – I have been peeing every hour and I used to be able to hold my pee in for ages. You may also have an accident or two if your baby decides to kick the hell out of your bladder.

Big Nipples : People told me to be prepared for burger nipples and they were right… Your nipples will grow to four times the size as a whole when your breasts grow. It is totally normal!

Cravings : This is something that I never expected as I’ve had cravings all of my life. Cravings while pregnant are at a whole different level and whoever tells you different is lying. Cravings can be for food, smells or even weirder things like paint etc. I have been craving bread ( I’m gluten intolerant ), spicy food ( which I couldn’t handle while not being pregnant ) and cherry tomatoes ( which I hated when I’m not pregnant ).

The Mucus Plug :  People told me that once you lose your mucus plug – labour is coming. I’ve been losing mine since the beginning of the second trimester in small pieces and it totally doesn’t mean labour is on the way unless it’s your bloody show.

Kicks Hurt : People have said to me that kicks are the best time of being pregnant but what they don’t tell you is that once the baby gets big enough, the kicks hurt! It really hurts when the baby is also under your ribs. Kicks are amazing but can also kill like crazy.

You Know Your Baby : If you feel like something is wrong, please don’t wait. You should go and get checked at your local maternity until. Baby’s do not run out of room and once they get into a routine, the movements shouldn’t change at all. Don’t listen to anyone other than your body/midwife.

Pregnancy Isn’t The Best Time of Your Life : People may say that pregnancy is the best time of your life but it’s not. From the sickness, pains, worrying and swelling – it’s worth it but it’s honestly not the best time of your life.

What did you learn during pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bee oxox



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