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Hello August!

Hello lovelies! I have finally got my blogging and channel mojo back – I’m so excited to bring them both back to life over this month. I honestly cannot believe that it’s August already – it only feels like it was Christmas yesterday which is crazy! This post is just about Hello August and everything that should happen this month with the blog, channel and life.



Blogging has been put on hold over the past month or two due to my personal life and pregnancy. I just haven’t had the energy to put into my blog or the drive to put content out for you lot – please don’t hate me! This month I am hoping to put out a blog post every second day basically until I pop this baby out. She’s not due till the 17th of September but I can go from anytime from now basically ( I know 37 weeks is full term ) but I have had a lot of signs to say that she could come earlier than that even though she needs to stay and cook for longer.

I will be uploading every second day with new content – I know BEDA is this month and I was totally going to do it but I have nothing ready for it… I need to kick myself up the ass!

YouTube Channel ( ThatSoBee )

I have started to upload onto my channel agai and I am hoping to document the last few weeks of my pregnancy on my channel since I haven’t done anything really pregnancy related on there at all – I only announced that I was pregnant on there last week and I was 32 weeks gone! I will be uploading once or twice a week which I am so excited for.

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Life 101

Life this month is just crazy in general. I am turning 25 on the 22nd of August – which means I”m halfway to 50 which is just crazy in itself. I am also going to be full term by the time this month is over which means little madame could come whenever she wants too – hopefully I don’t go overdue.

Life could 100% get in the way of blogging if I do go into labour early or have a c-section which is most likely. I am hoping to sort out enough content for August by the 16th but if something happens before that – I’m sorry but life is my priorty and little madame will be my main piorty too.

What have you got planned for the month of August? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bee ox



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